Teeth Whitening

Standard Whitening Treatment

Our Standard Whitening Treatment is non-invasive and ideal for those who wish to get rid of moderate staining from things such as tea, coffee, alcohol or smoking. This Whitening Treatment takes your teeth up to 14 shades lighter!




3 People -$160 each 4 People – $140 each

Want to maintain your bright Smile?

Following your initial treatment, we recommend you consider a 6 week top up to ensure you maintain your bright smile. Save $50 by booking your top-up in conjunction with your Standard Whitening Treatment for an additional $100 per person. If you wish to book the top up at a later date, the cost is $150 per person per treatment.

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Premium Treatment

Ideal for those who have heavily stained teeth, and are looking for dramatic results. Our Whitening Treatment takes your teeth up to 18 shades lighter! It is performed over 2 appointments 1 week apart. Each treatment is 3 x 20 minute intervals.

What you will receive?
  • Full consultation
  • Complimentary after care kits
  • Full aftercare procedure
  • Follow up service

$350 per person.


2 or more $300 per person. Saving $50.00 per person.

Want a natural treatment?

Our Charcoal tooth polish is perfect for pregnant, breastfeeding women or simply those who want to keep their teeth stain-free the natural way.

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Top ups


Even after professional teeth whitening, your teeth can begin to re-stain and become darker over time. That is why we highly recommend top ups to maintain your whitest shade. You may also wish to purchase our home whitening kits to maintain your results in the convenience of your own home. However if you wish to achieve instant and dramatic results in a matter of an hour, you should consider our in chair whitening treatment.

4-6 week top up

Do you want to maintain your bright smile? 4-6 week top-ups are recommended. We recommend you book in a 4-6 week top up following your initial treatment to further enhance and lock in your shade for longer lasting results.


$100 – if you book in conjunction with your initial treatment $150 – if you book at a later date

3 months top up

we recommend continuos top ups every 3 months to maintain your bright smile!


$150 per person

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