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Make your smile Adorable with Adore Smile, where we invite you to transform your grin into a golden masterpiece! Elevate your smile in just 30 minutes with our expertly crafted gold tooth, celebrating a rich history and influential allure. At Adore Smile, every smile deserves a touch of brilliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exact location and business hours?

We operate Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can check available slots and book at your convenience.

Address: 14 Arncliffe Avenue, Melonba, Sydney, NSW 2765.

Do I need to bring my own gold for the tooth?

No, you don't need to bring your own gold. We have pre-made/moulded gold tooth shapes collection available, and our installation process takes just 30 minutes to attach the gold tooth securely to your tooth.

Are the golds real and what is the quality?

Yes, our gold teeth are crafted from authentic 18 carat and 22 carat solid gold of the highest quality, ensuring durability and an exquisite finish.

What about different shapes and different teeth?

We offer a diverse array of shapes to cater to various preferences. You can explore our catalogue provided above and choose your preferred shape on the appointment day. We install the gold tooth on the tooth of your choice.

How much do I need to pay in advance upon booking?

Our gold tooth service is priced at $299 per tooth. To secure your appointment, a $30 deposit is required upon booking, with the remaining balance settled upon completion of the service.

Are gold teeth safe for oral health or not?

Yes, our gold teeth procedures are designed to be safe and non-invasive, prioritizing the overall health of your natural teeth.

Do you guys drill the tooth or how do you install gold teeth?

We do not drill your natural teeth. We use super-strong glue that provides a long-lasting hold without the need for drilling. Our installation process is painless and ensures the integrity of your natural teeth remains intact.

Can you address chipped teeth with your gold teeth service?

Absolutely! If your chipped tooth surface allows for a specific design from our catalogue, installation is possible. We don't provide specialized shapes for chipped teeth, and it's essential to note that the gold tooth is applied to the tooth surface, not as a cap covering the chipped area. Consult with our technician during your appointment for the perfect recommendation and service tailored to your needs. We're dedicated to accurate and personalized solutions based on your preferences and the characteristics of your chipped tooth.

Do you make silver teeth, and what is their pricing?

No, we do not offer silver teeth. Our white-looking catalog displays white gold options, not silver. Pricing for white gold is the same as regular gold teeth, priced at $299 per tooth.

If I don’t want to keep it anymore, then what should I do?

While it's uncommon, if you decide to remove the gold tooth, you can consult with a dental professional to do so easily.

How long does a gold tooth usually last?

Crafted for longevity, our gold teeth typically last up to 5 years with proper care, maintaining their radiant appearance.

Do you offer teeth whitening or other services?

Yes, we offer a variety of services including teeth whitening, tooth gems, VVS diamond tooth, iced out tooth, dentures, and many more. Explore our additional services at the bottom of this page, below the review section. Feel free to book for whatever you need—whether it's both whitening and gold tooth together or any other service you desire. We're here to cater to your preferences.

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Client reviews
Client reviews
The work of the gold plates on my teeth and the service and expertise was truly amazing. i’ve even had my teeth whitened at the same place very professional. That’s why I’ve been back five times to get work done. I even took my daughter there today to get a Dymonte and a gold plate which she loves very much would highly recommend you go check it out Very professional service at Adore smile😁
— Peter Wheaton
Client reviews
adore smile thank you so much for your professional service. I’m so happy with my new gold teeth I would highly recommend adore smile to all my friends and family and I’m looking to get more work done in the future .
— Zarko Brown
Client reviews
Highly Recommend we travelled from Sunshine Coast QLD as we saw them on Tiktokis and then found out another family member used them years ago so appreciate the craft you do and “Killing It” will definitely return
— Lanz RaRa
Client reviews
We are always greeted with a welcoming smile. She does an amazing job and never fails to impress with her awesome work. All your wants in gold caps or bling caps, she has them all! Love her work! She is beautiful inside and out! Totally worth the visit, you won't be disappointed!
— Peresia Mau
Client reviews
I had an amazing experience with Adore Smile, Kloe and her team are very professional at what they do. My confidence to smile, got heaps better after my whitening treatment and I get numerous amount of compliments for my tooth gem. I would recommend her 200%......
— Nargis Sayed
Client reviews
Gotta get your teeth whitening done with Adore Smile , they explained everything and made me feel at home and wow the results speak for themselves, I also got tooth gems , nifo Koula (gold teeth) diamonds, done there aswell , they got a large variety of tooth jewels! Adore Smile most definitely the best in the bussines!!
— James Valoa
Client reviews
So Fresh! Just got my Teeth Whitening and a Gold gem (nifo koula) and mann I didn't anticipate such a sensational change from one session. Energetically recommended Adore Smile as they were really cordial and accommodating. I didn't expect it would be a particularly loosened up process however I felt entirely comfortable and satisfied.
— T K
Client reviews
Very fantastic,no better word to express my experience I will recommend them to anybody
— King Davidson
Client reviews
Had a very good experience at Adore Smile very clean and professional, got the premium whitening and a Gold cap, looks amazing!
— Kenneth Raikua
Client reviews
Thank you for all the special and beautiful (Gold teeth )( Nifo Kaula/Aulo) you have done for me and my mom ❣️❣️Well Done keep it up your doing A Great Job Dear❤️
— Antonio Fidow
Client reviews
My teeth is already put the the full teeth gold an I’m so happy an thanks you very much
— George Nye
Our Other Services
Our Other Services
Explore our range of teeth whitening options crafted to suit your preferences. Choose from Express Whitening at $130, Top Up Treatment for $180, Premium Teeth Whitening priced at $250, and the Ultra White Treatment at $399. Our most sought-after, the Premium Teeth Whitening, ensures a white smile for up to 2 years with proper aftercare.
— Teeth Whitening
Our Other Services
Add a touch of sparkle to your smile with our Swarovski tooth gems. We offer both Standard and Premium options, each featuring various designs. Standard Gems start at $80, while Premium Gems start at $90. For additional gems, we charge $30 for Standard and $50 for Premium. Explore design options through our booking link and make your selection.
— Swarovski Tooth Gems
Our Other Services
Experience perfection with our VVS Diamond Tooth. VVS, meaning Very Very Small inclusions, signifies nearly flawless diamonds priced between $1400 to $1700, depending on size and details. The process involves booking a consultation, engaging in detailed discussions and measurements, preparing the diamond tooth, and installing it during the second appointment.
— VVS Diamond Tooth
Our Other Services
Achieve the look of a diamond tooth with a budget-friendly option. Choose between Standard Iced Out Tooth at $180 and Premium Iced Out Tooth at $250. Completed in just 30 minutes on the same day as your appointment, options are available in the "Book Now" link, including both Standard and Premium Swarovski gems.
— Iced Out Tooth
Our Other Services
Our Removable Gold Cap offers versatility, allowing you to wear it on and off at your convenience. Specifically designed for the canine tooth, each cap costs $750. The process involves booking a consultation, taking measurements on the appointment day, and preparing and installing the cap during the second appointment.
— Removable Gold Cap
Our Other Services
Dentures only for missing tooth. Regular Dentures, starting at $999 each, and Gold Dentures, priced from $1499 each. To begin the denture process, book a consultation where we'll take necessary measurements if everything is perfect. Subsequently, your denture will be meticulously prepared and installed during the following appointment.
— Dentures - For Missing Tooth

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