Combined teeth whitening & tooth gem workshop



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What will you learn on teeth whitening?

Shade Guide

Tooth anatomy

Healthy and unhealthy teeth/gums

Artificial teeth

Tooth Discolouration and causes

Teeth whitening process/ how it worksTeeth Whitening

Risks and prevention


Hygiene and safety/ infection control

Triple Treatment

Top ups

Individual practice on a Tooth Model and Live Model

Adore Smile’s Tips & Tricks

Training manual

Business set up & guidance

FAQ Form

Client Information form

Client Consent Form

Aftercare Instruction form

Covid form

Certificate of Completion

Life time support

Discounted Adore Smile

Wholesale Products

Social Media Marketing Guidance

Start up kit teeth whitening

You will be provided with a complete starter kit valued at $4300 which includes everything that you need to get your business started!

Whats included in the startup kit?

Whats included in the startup kit?

1 Professional Teeth Whitening LED Machine for salon or mobile use

12 x Professional Adore Smile Teeth Whitening Kits (to help and pay off your course)

Disposable gloves



Lip Protection

Gum Protection

Shade Guide

Cotton Rolls


2x Safety Glasses

Alcohol Wipes

Oral brush up deep cleansing wipes


Vitamin E Oil swabs

Applicator Brushes

Discounted wholesale products

You can make $2000-$3000 based on $200-$300 per client from these kits alone which will pay off your course.

Note: A non refundable $500 deposit is required per course to secure your date, and the remainder can be paid before or upon your attendance.

What will you learn on tooth gem

Introduction to Tooth Gem Education

Tooth anatomy

Artificial teeth

Hygiene and safety + infection control

Dental Adhesives

The science



Tooth Gem Placement on all designs

Appointment Preparation

Client intake form

Consent form

FAQ form

After care form

Covid form

Application Process

Comprehensive demonstration by Khloe

Individual Practise

Procedure Notes

Hidden tips and tricks by Khloe

Client Aftercare

The Removal Process

Helpful apps

Business and marketing tips

Complete tooth gem starter kit which will include

Professional Travel Case

LED Curing Light

Hand mirror

Safety Glasses



Box of Gloves

Alcohol Wipes

Essential Dental Adhesives

Disposable Tweezers

Cotton Rolls

Face Masks

Cheek Retractors

Microfibre Tips

Oral Brush Ups


(200) Tooth Gems & container + 1 gold charm

You will save $500 for the combined course.

Location: Quakers Hill, 2763

Note: A non refundable $500 deposit is required per course to secure your date, and the remainder can be paid before or upon your arrival.